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5th August 2020 
Development & Training. Ascension

The Lileth is proud of its Spiritual Development training and has given countless members a firm foundation over many years in which to develop their spiritual gifts from mediumship, clairvoyance to aura energy, psychometry and platform work.

Everyone has the potential to develop their psychic abilities and intuition. Our Wednesday Circle allows you to work at your own pace and unique style.

We provide a wide ranging field of development and believe that Spirits teaching is limitless as is your potential to work with Spirit in whichever way you choose.

All classes are Spirit led, that is to say, your teaching, demonstrations and guidance is channelled from Spirit as opposed to only learning that which your teacher has learned in the past. As you develop and improve your links and connections with Spirit, you will find a world opens up to you that will inspire you to explore further and more deeply than you ever thought possible.

All work is done in complete safety. You will be taught the basics from learning to ground and protect yourself to making your first links and delivering your first Spirit Communication. The only limitations to working with Spirit are those you place upon yourself.

Wednesday Circle
This is open to non-members at a cost of 6 per session and held every week from 8pm to 10pm (please arrive at least 15 minutes earlier).

Deep Core Meditation Workshop
This is open only to members at a cost of 10 per session and held every other week 7.30pm to 9.30pm.

Angel and Fairy Cards Sessions
Using the ancient art of Tarot Cards and updating this to the beautiful colourful detail shown on Angel and Fairy Cards. We use the cards in our guided layouts to interpret and evoke intuition and psychic abilities. You will be surprised at how quickly you adapt to this art and how accurate these type of readings become. In a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, explore your potential by reading when you are ready for our interested sitters.

This will take place the 1st Saturday of every month from 14:00 to 15:30 and open to non-members at a cost of 5 per session.

Please let us know in advance, to make sure you can secure your space.

Advance Healing
This takes place every two months and it is open to any previous students and future qualifying students,

Becoming a Healer
The Lileth offers all its members the opportunity to become fully qualified healers with a recognised organisation.

Please note you can only train as a healer if you are a member. Annual membership at the Lileth is 50 per annum which also covers you for insurance and if only training as a healer, 10 per session held once a month on a Wednesday evening. You will also be required to assist as often as possible at the Saturday Healing under the guidance of a fully qualified healer.

Other costs included for trainee healing are yearly membership of 16 with the Essex Healers Association (EHA) which is affiliated to The Healer Practitioner Association International (HPAI) and a one off 10 fee for the training manual and personal profile record.

You will find we provide a very balanced programme to qualify as a healer at a very reasonable cost!

New!! Meditation Course

What is Meditation?

"Meditation is considered to be a prolonged state of concentration"

There is a misconception that we must clear our mind and not think of anything, the brain is mainly a busy thinking organ and therefore can never really be empty. This is the reason why so many give up meditating, as they try to empty the mind, fail and then label meditation to be too hard.

Remember you are a living person who processes thought every second of your day ,so each of you will fine your own pathway to the meditation that suits you.

You will be taught the following:

1. Awareness - 2. Concentration - 3. Willpower

This is a focus that your brain will find the easiest to absorb and therefore meditation will follow in a progressive manner.


The course is designed for people who wish to look inward allowing themselves to make changes in their lives that suit them. Through this process you'll learn about controlling your awareness, which in turn will allow you to direct energy towards manifesting what you need in your life.

The duration of the course is for 2 hours a week for 12 weeks If you're interested in this course, please contact us via the below link.